Day of DH 2012 -- tesshab
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Fri, 27 Jul 2012 20:48:39 UTC
What it really comes down to is what are people doing to contribute to an understanding of the digital age or what are they doing to expand the practices and work of humanities fields using current technology. A person is not a Digital Humanist by mistake. They are not a Digital Humanist simply because they use a computer to do their work nor are they a Digital Humanist simply by virtue of working in a humanities field and being able to program. What is the methodological framework for their work? For example, using JuXta for collation on a new edition of a novel for the sake of efficiency does not make that edition a DH project, but writing about how the use of JuXta changes the way that we create scholarly editions of literature would fall into the DH field. Essentially, whether or not a person is trying to engage with DH, whether in theory or in practice, determines whether or not they are a Digital Humanist.