Day of DH 2012 -- Shawn W. Moore
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Fri, 27 Jul 2012 20:48:39 UTC
I would define Digital Humanities as a term used to identify persons, practices, ideologies, etc., that conform to institutional and scholarly values as determined by individual and institutional norms.  But I would distinguish the definition of DH from doing digital humanities work (theoretical, practical, critical), which means something much more. Doing digital humanities means challenging the institutionalization of humanistic inquiry; in fact, it means responding to the crippling institutionalization of emotive responses to humanistic practices within the public sphere of all “knowledge workers.”  To do this means that we must build tools, technologies, methodologies, and theories that represent this disruptive force, but we must also put what we build into practice.  It is not longer enough to present (or represent) an idea, a tool; we must do the work of the community and we must engage the community in developing the ways in which we make our (our as in humanity) work accessible (this means disability studies needs to become a stronger focus of our scholarship and our practices).  We must, as Alan Liu argued practice being the service community that we have always wanted to become.