Day of DH 2009-2011 -- Bairbre Walsh, UCC, Ireland
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Sat, 28 Jul 2012 02:18:07 UTC
Where the English department surrenders to the Media Arts department under the conditions that they remain in charge of what storytelling means in the 21st century. 
Hehe. Just kidding.
The merging of Literature, Media Arts and other schools of storytelling and criticism into an emergent network that benefits from history but lacks the downside and fixed ideas of entrenched interests be it in the classroom, the boardroom or copyright office.
This is an attempt to cast a wider net to include social media and the democratization of media production into the literary cannon complete with thoughtful and insightful analysis and scholarly study and reportage. 
Literature department walls become osmotic membranes and connecting tissue between liberal arts scholarship in academia, art, technology and social media content producers. DH is a conceptual location where good ideas, best practices and innovation is encouraged. Transdisciplinarity is the new DH Norm.
DH is a network aggregate university. While individual universities are slow to change, the networked body consisting of DH individuals from many different universities can combine to evolve an educational ecosystem that thrives on change, embraces technology, plurality and open doors, while benefitting from the support of traditional educational organization.