Day of DH 2009-2011 -- Stéphane Pouyllau, CNRS, France
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Sat, 28 Jul 2012 02:18:07 UTC
for me Digital Humanities is the filed where the information is delivered in an electronic form to an audience in the humanities field. today the delivery of the information in an electronic form almost has no boundaries. One could easily send a message to one or multiple recipients just from his email account, posting on a blog or simply from his Facebook account (posting a Wall status update). The users around the world are all interconnected together and regardless if one chose to send a message from his yahoo account to an AOL one that is totally possible as now all the separated networks (e.g. AOL, Yahoo) are connected under one umbrella: The Internet. Before, one AOL user was able to send a message just to the members from his network (AOL). Today, the technical developments made possible that everybody could be connected in real time, to anyone else. The information in electronic form can be transmitted not just to those proficient in computing science but also to those interested in modem languages, law, or arts. The capability and easiness of how the digital information can be transmitted/shared/used, not just between and to computing science  related individuals but also to humanities related ones, is the core of the digital humanities field.