Day of DH 2012 -- Scott Kleinman
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Fri, 27 Jul 2012 20:48:39 UTC
Previously, I defined DH as an umbrella term for something like the use of technology to study human cultures and the study of the effects of digital technology on human cultures. Today, I would add that DH has (or should have) a self-conscious reflection on the technical aspects of these endeavours, whether that means acquiring and making use of the programming skills to produce new tools for digital study of human culture, examining the methodological problems of using these tools, or theorising the way their underlying technologies affect human society and the material objects of human culture. That said, I am worried that the theorising of the Digital Humanities, the development of infrastructure to support the Digital Humanities, and the opportunity of exploiting the big data sphere of the internet are collectively having the effect of marginalising the study of traditional objects of study in the Humanities, particularly those of the more distant past.