Day of DH 2012 -- Lexie
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Fri, 27 Jul 2012 20:48:39 UTC
Digital Humanities, as I have understood it this semester, is the idea or goal in the process of creating something new. I would define Digital Humanities as the idea of integrating and analyzing technical/computational material and create activities with humanistic studies. Basically, it's understanding the material deeper. One activity we did for example this semester was reading the stories of Sherlock Holmes. To understand the story better, with DH we used a tool called the Voyant website. On there, we were able to explore more of the stories depth such as discovering which words are used more than others, also creating charts and graphs and etc.. We were also fortunate to watch the TV series "Sherlock" to understand the story and actual characters a bit more. Another activity was when reading the novel "Ms. Dalloway," which consists of text on paper, with D; we did a mapping project of each of the character's main movements and sightseeing. It made it seem as if we could actually see where they went every day in real life using Google earth. Basically, I would say digital humanities is the process of going further within the research to find that hidden quality that you couldn't see on the surface and create something new with it.